Have you zoninghousenoticed that you have hot and cold areas in your home, maybe a certain room feels colder to you than the room right next to it? The solution seems simple, close the vent in the warmer room to push the air to the cooler one, right? Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple—closing the vent to a room actually makes the furnace run less efficiently. All vents should be open at all times and only dampers installed inside the duct works should be changed to help with the air flow. This is one way of “zone heating or cooling” a home.

Zoning is a way of dividing a home into areas with similar heating and cooling needs—and independently controlling each area’s temperature. Think of zoning like light switches that control only the lighting in that room or area. Using multiple zone thermostats or sensors, zoning allows you to heat and cool the area in the zone based on your needs and occupancy. A great example of when zoning comes in handy is in a finished basement, which is typically a cooler part of the house. Cooler temps are fine during the week when everyone’s at work and school, but you may want to bump up the heat when you are entertaining on the weekend.

Carrier’s Cor WiFi thermostats lets you program temperature and humidity levels in seven-day cycles, in up to eight zones. You’ll enjoy both greater comfort and lower energy costs—all from a single, powerful source.