Some furnace_tuneuppeople prefer to be hands-on when it comes to maintaining their heating and cooling systems. Others call their dealer when they’re unhappy with the performance of their system. Either way, your heating and cooling equipment will operate more economically with proper maintenance and care—and you’ll minimize the chance of losing your heat this season. Here are a few minor service tasks you can perform to help ensure the best performance and comfort from your system. Remember, these tips are not designed to replace an annual check-up by a qualified technician.

  • Check the air filter: If you have a 1” filter, check it monthly. If you have a thicker media style filter, check it at least twice per year, especially if you have pets or cigarette smokers in your home. A dirty filter will cause extra strain on the unit and inhibit efficiency. Replace the filter when necessary or clean it if you have the reusable type. Call us if you are unsure what filter you need.
  • Keep your registers and grills clear of obstructions to ensure proper air flow.
  • Clean your humidifier every heating season. If the water in your area is hard or has high mineral content, you may need to clean or service your humidifier more frequently. Be sure to turn the humidifier off after the heating season ends. Again, it is suggested that an experienced technician perform this duty during an annual check-up.
  • To find out if your ducts need cleaning, pull off some supply and return registers and take a look.

In addition to the routine maintenance you perform, your home comfort system should be inspected at least once a year by a properly trained service technician.They will make sure your system operates safely and gives you the best performance at the lowest cost.

With regular maintenance and proper protection, your system can be more efficient and reliable to operate. Remember the cost of prevention is small compared with losing your heating or air conditioning in the middle of the season.