Why consider two-stage cooling? The technology supports longer cooling cycles that help to eliminate hot spots and maintain a more even, consistent temperature throughout your home. In general, two-stage cooling delivers more comfort for the least amount of energy.Infinity_hp_16

Every home has unique cooling challenges. Because most cooling units are not built to handle those challenges, they can overcompensate by pushing too much cold air through the home, creating inefficiencies that result in higher energy bills. With two-stage cooling, the air conditioner or heat pump compressor provides two levels of operation—high for hot summer days and low for milder days. The compressor operates in low speed up to 80% of the time, delivering a more consistent temperature and saving on utility costs. When outdoor temperatures rise, the two-stage unit automatically shifts to high speed to meet the increased cooling demand.  Since the unit runs only at the stage based on demand, you don’t pay for unneeded energy.

This longer cooling cycle has many advantages including quieter and more efficient operation, enhanced air circulation and improved air quality—all while saving on utility costs. Because a two-stage air conditioner or heat pump can remove additional moisture from the air, you feel more comfortable at higher temperatures, and the low-speed operation allows system filters to capture more contaminants. Count on two-stage technology for excellent efficiency, reliability and proven performance.

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