When to Repair vs Replace your System

When something breaks down, it's tempting to go the quick route and pay for repairs to get it up and running again. That quick-fix may seem the least expensive route now, but it may not offer the most value in the long run.

Older equipment is prone to:

Old Air Conditioner

Things to Consider

New Air Conditioner

When to repair your equipment

  • If you plan on moving soon, you may not get your investment price from a replacement unit when you sell.
  • The cost of the repair is less than 30% of the cost of new equipment.
  • The rest of the system is in excellent operating condition.

Otherwise, the cost of the repair would be better invested in a new system.

When to replace your equipment

  • If the equipment has reached 12 years old be careful not to throw good money after bad with repairs. The average life span of an furnace or air conditioning unit is 15 to 20 years.
  • If the system is older than 12 years, major improvements in efficiency could be saving you BIG money. Super efficient, modern equipment can save $1,000 or more per year.
  • If you are not comfortable. Today's modern heating and air conditioning systems can virtually eliminate hot and cold areas, high and low humidity, bad air quality, high utility bills, noisy indoor and outdoor equipment, and much more.
  • Replace before the uncomfortable weather hits. Many small contractors prey on homeowners who must replace in a hurry when reputable companies get busy.
  • Replace before manufactures and utility companies rebates run out. Equipment manufacturers rebates are usually available in the spring and fall. Focus on Energy rebates can be discontinued at any time.

Otherwise, the cost of the repair would be better invested in a new system.

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