High Efficiency Air Cleaners

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Study after study shows that as homes become tighter and more energy efficient, more contaminants become trapped inside. The air we breathe in our homes is loaded with pollutants like pollen, lung damaging dust, pet hair, dander, dust mites, tobacco smoke, spores, disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Considering the typical throwaway furnace filter only traps about 5 - 15% of these polluting particles and that the slightest traces of pollutants can trigger miserable reactions for allergy sufferers, you need serious help. In today’s world, a whole-house, high efficiency air cleaner is the best system to get the job done.

Whole-House High Efficiency Air Cleaners are the most efficient air cleaners you can buy. Whether you choose the technologically-advanced Electronic Air Cleaner or the proven Media Air Cleaner, they offers features and benefits that are unsurpassed by any competitive product.

Air Cleaner Solutions

  • Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Media Air Cleaners

Model Carrier Infinity Air Purifier

Simply the best in air cleaning. Period.

Truly a whole-home solution, the Infinity Air Purifier treats 100% of the air flowing through your home comfort system using a unique three-step process. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:
The Infinity Air Purifier and Performance Series Air Purifier use precision point ionization to charge particles as they enter the purifier.

Step 2:
A specially designed, continuously charged media captures airborne particles.

Step 3:
Patented, state-of-the-art technology kills captured viruses, bacteria, mold spores and other allergens.

“Three most important methods of improving indoor air quality are source removal, air cleaning and increased ventilation.”

Model Carrier Media

The best choice for budget minded consumers.

Wisconsin Fuels Whole-House Media Air Cleaners deliver the most efficient, cost-effective air cleaning for your home.

Equipped with patented filtering media that can give you exceptionally clean air throughout your home – at a very affordable price.

Which Model is Right For Me? Wisconsin Fuel’s offers several Media Air Cleaners available for you to choose from depending on your furnace type. All models provide superior performance. And, because these models have no moving parts, they produce no ozone and are virtually maintenance-free.

Temperature Control

Thermostats have come a long way since the days of the old mercury bulb thermostats. Thermostats today are digital and provide the homeowner with more information. Communicating controls even “talk” to your equipment and will notify you of any problems with your heating or cooling system.


According to medical experts, many viruses thrive in low humidity – increasing the likelihood of catching colds, flu and upper respiratory ailments. The American Society of Otolaryngology even reports that it is important to prevent an overly dry environment because it makes people more susceptible to infection.

Whole House Dehumidifiers

Central dehumidifiers pull air from every room in your home and remove the moisture and then sends dry air back throughout your heating ducts. It works in conjunction with your air conditioner to efficiently balance the humidity levels in your home.

Fresh Air Ventilation ERV

Today’s homes eliminate nearly all wasteful air leaks, helping to control energy costs. Because homes are air tight, pollutants are trapped indoors. The health hazards from indoor air pollutants are broadly recognized as one of today’s top environmental hazards.